Angell appears in an area that is like some kind of lounge. After walking around, when the player talks to a small group of kids he is asked to hang out with them, as they are so impressed by his Gridnet icon (all users in Gridnet are represented by an icon. In this case Angell still retains the icon he was given when first programmed). They say they are going to some of the recreation servers. If they are asked where this place is, they just laugh it off like a joke. As they are about to head off Angell starts to find it hard to move. Screen starts to go a bit weird. The log in the top right corner starts showing all sorts of freaky messages, some flashing in red. Suddenly the screen goes weird and everyone around Angell turns to black silhouettes. Screen dissolves into black.

screen stays black for a bit...

A dialogue box on screen shows:

Voice 1: What's happening?
Voice2: Don't worry, everything will be fine

Screen with Angell fades in. He is standing in a dank dark looking area that almost looks like some kind of dingy public toilet. Lights flicker on and off, and some parts are so dark nothing can be seen. [The purpose of this scene is to get the player a bit worried about what could be beyond those patches of black, and worried about what could happen]. Player walks around and is soon attacked by himself when he tries to open a door! Attacks are things like 'fear', 'where am I?' 'freedom'. (npc has like 3 health, so it is a quick battle). After the battle ends, Angell looks at his hands to find wires trying to squirm out of the tips of his fingers. Water starts to trickle into level as the wires get longer and longer. Messages start flashing all over the screen saying 'Don't worry, everything will be fine' faster and faster. Soon the level is full of water and Angell is drowning...

Angell dies.