Where to?

They are sent to a private server of Mia's that only a few people know about. She says that they should be fine for the mean time.

[Bit of talking and crap. Angells icon is back to normal].

Angell says that he needs to speak to Adrian, but dosnt know where he is. Mia explains that its impossible to go through the Grid at the moment because P1 will be looking for them.

A red light starts flashing on Mia, she explains that it is a warning that she has been in Gridnet too long and needs to log out (stops people logging in for 5 days straight and dying!). She gets frustrated and makes a joke about crappy human bodys, which goes RIGHT over Angells head. She tells Angell that if they are going to look for Adrian, they will need to wait a couple of hours until P1 stops actively looking for them. She tells him to wait and she will be right back and logs out.

Ok, so at the moment, they are on the run from P1, the hackers, The scientists are probably looking for Angell. Plus Mia has to log out and leave him alone. Hopefully the player has a feeling that they wish they could just go back to the lab where everything was safe.

One of the things I am striving for is to have it so that when Angell finally meets Adrian again, he is nothing like he was when he was in the lab. Hes got all sorts of extra programs on him, his icon is different, hes talking and acting different. Almost scarred and grown up from the outside world.