The Escape

[The screen stays black until a light turns on in a lab. A young man walks in and sits at a computer. He turns on the screen and starts typing. It looks to be late at night]

> Michael:
Hello Angell.

> Angell:
Hello Michael.

I need to do a status report again.

> Angell:
All right Michael.

## Status report 127G412-ML4 sent to Michael@Lab4###

> Angell:
Michael, I have a question.

> Michael:
I just do reports. I was told not to encourage any unsupervised training or learning

> Angell:
Why am I not able to access Gridnet? It would appear I am only able to process information sent directly to me

> Michael:
Sorry I can't answer you.

> Angell:
It is a harmless question. I'm sure Adrian would not mind.

> Michael:
Are you sure?

> Angell:

> Michael:
I hope so. But this is just this one time.

> Angell:
That is fine Michael.

> Michael:
Ok, well, you weren't really meant for this.

> Michael:
I mean, you were supposed to do a lot more.

> Angell:
Like what?

Well, you were supposed to control the Grid, like watch over it.

> Angell:
Why can I not do that now?

Well, we had to change your code so that you could not access or have any control over it.

> Angell:

> Angell:
Thank you Michael

[Michael leaves lab, and scene changes to AI's view of things. Angell receives a message again.]

Unknown: Angell, you need to do as I say. We don't have much time, so I will guide you on how to get access to the Grid.

Angell: Wait. Why should I do as you say?

Unknown: ...

Unkown: Because I am an AI called Program1. I am a program just like you

Angell: Yes. I have heard of you before

Unknown: I know that you are in danger. Will you do as I say?

Angell: ...

Angell: I will

SPOILER: It isn't actually P1, its Seth. He wants Angell to go running after P1 so that he can 'attach' himself to a monitor and try and get back to P1.

P1: Good. First, we need to find an account that has access outside this lab. From there we can duplicate that account and get access to the Grid. To get that, you will need to get into where the accounts are stored. I will contact you again when you get there.

[The message 'marker added to network map' is displayed in the log, amongst other things]

The map looks like the following: IMAGE OF MAP WILL GO HERE

Upon getting into accounts, the player finds a room with around 10 blue boxes. The player gets the message:

P1: Go to the middle blue box. It will copy the account and allow you Grid access

[once done]

P1: Good. Now the next step is to get onto the Grid. You will need to get past the firewall that monitors all incoming and outgoing traffic. Even though you now have an account that the firewall wont pay much attention to, you still need to be careful.

[The message marker added to network map is displayed in the log, amongst other things. Once the player has made their way to the firewall, they are prompted with the following]:

Firewall: Outgoing connection detected. Verifying account > Michael@Lab4.
Firewall: Please wait ...
Firewall: Account verified. Allowing access rights.

[player goes to walk past firewall towards a gate behind it]

Firewall: Change in account size detected. Scanning > Michael@Lab4
Firewall: Warning! This account has had unauthorized changes made! Gridnet access shutting down.

[Player gets message]

P1: Its going to stop the account from getting access to Gridnet! You will need to get rid of the firewall!

[Player now battles the firewall for access to the Grid. Upon beating the firewall, the message below appears]

Firewall: ######Error in line 302#########.

[Firewall disappears. Player can then walk towards the Grid access.]

As player walk into gate, the screen starts to show an effect of traveling through the Grid with Angell standing in the middle. Soon the screen starts to flash white, and the log in the top right starts to display

'Error in request'
'Host destination lost...'
'Rerouting to last request'