The mission

Everyone arrives on the edge of a large factory. It is nearly pitch black at night. The whole area is made of black dirt.

Zane signals for everyone to move up. They make there way to the front of the factory.

Zane turns to the group and says:

Zane: Ok, were going to split in groups. Mia and I are going to go to the control room. You 4 go to section B-9. Remember, don't start that damn thing until were ready. Angell, you go up along the side of the factory until you reach door 14 and wait there.

Zane and Mia head off. Angell asks Conner what is going to happen, and he tells him that there going to try a new piece of software that they developed on a near forgotten site to see if the hack will work. The rest of the group gets suss about Conner and tells him to shut up and come with them. They all leave.

[Player now travels to door 14.]

Message over radio - Zane: Ok, start stage one.

[A zap noise is heard, and all the doors open up]

Message over radio - Zane: Angell, get inside.

Inside the factory is still operational, although there appears to be no-one running it.

Message over radio - Zane: Start stage 2.

[A slow 'electrical' noise is heard]

Message over radio - Mia: Shit...did it work?

[A security alarm goes off. All doors close]

Message over radio - Conner: What the hell? I thought this area wasn’t monitored anymore?!

Message over radio - Zane: It shouldn't...It isn't monitord anymore!

Message over radio - Mia: Ok, lets get the hell out of here before P1 shows up. Everyone meet at the front.

[Player must find way out of factory. This is a combination of a non-frustrating-kinda-easy-maze and some puzzles like getting past swinging robotic arms.]

Once player is done with that section, they see the front exit and start to move towards it. As the player runs towards the door, Zane and the group start to close the door and tell Angell hes out of luck and not to mess with them again. The door slams shut.

Angell looks around, and not seeing any of the monitors, closes his eyes and the log in the corner shows 'listening in passive mode'. The screen pans over to the group (Mia, Zane and the rest) standing about 100 meters away from the factory]

Mia: Come on Zane! You cant just leave him there! You know he will be caught by P1!

Zane: First of all, I don’t care if he is caught. Maybe it will teach you a lesson about sneaking around behind my back like a dog!! And second, if he can really can do what you say he can do, he shouldn't have any troubles in there.

Mia: If you leave, Im going back for him

Zane: If you go back for him, your dead to me.

[Mia starts to back away from Zane, turns, and starts to run back towards the factory. She runs up to the front door and starts banging. Log shows 'exiting' for a second and then goes back to normal view]

Mia: Angell! If your still there, you need to get to the roof. I can get up the stairs and meet you there. Hurry, P1 is starting to shut down the area. If we don't move soon, we wont be able to get out of here.

[Player must make way up stairs to roof. A different type of monitor is looking for Angell, but they, along with the whole level, seems to be having an adverse affect to the hack that is still running. (ie. Everything is starting to warp and bend. This can make some weird scenes where rooms are back to front, upside down etc.)]

Once player meets up with Mia on the roof, Mia runs to Angell and says she didn't know Zane was going to just leave Angell there. Angell says that Conner gave him a device, but he is not sure how to use it (likewise, if player had gone into inventory earlier and tried to use the item it does nothing). Mia grabs it and says that she can use it to take them to a safe zone. Suddenly monitors start coming onto the roof. Mia says that shes not sure what he did to that last monitor she saw him attack, but says that if he can stop the monitors again while she gets the gate-architect going they might have a chance of getting out of there.

[Player must fight around 6 monitors in one go. Bit of a boss-type battle]

Just as Angell defeats the last one, about 10 more show up. They start to move in Mia exclaims the connections been made, grabs Angells hand, and they dissapear.