Meet the group

Mia takes Angell to one of the free servers running outside of the grid. Since these have been setup independently from the Grid, P1 has no idea they exist. As they walk in Mia is accosted by Boyfriend and wants to know what the hell she did to get the attention of P1. She explains that Angell was detected by P1 and that she helped him escape. Boyfriend flips and both the fact that it's a guy and the fact that Angell could be one of P1's monitors. Mia explains he blew the fuck out of one of them and saved her from being caught. He laughs and tells her that he dosnt believe in miracles, which is what it would take to destroy a monitor. He walks off ranting.

Mia says that she will be right back and tells Angell to wait. Runs off after boyfriend.

[Player is free to walk around and talk to people and shit. There is a hack program that can be found to give Angell an extra attack]

Mia's boyfriend (called Zane Doran) returns and tells Angell to sit down. The other members crowd around (there are 5 in total, including Zane). Mia is nowhere to be seen.

Zane: So I hear you owe Mia a favor now, since she saved your ass and all.

Angell: I suppose

Zane: and you know that a favour to Mia means a favour to the group.

Angell: ...I

[Zane pushes chair backwards so Angell falls onto the floor. The group laughs at Angell]

Zane: Well, I hope for your sake that meant that. Because we would like you to now do a favour to us. Ok?

Angell Ok

Zane: good. Im glad we had this little chat

[Turning to group]

Zane: Get him ready. We leave in 10 minutes. Were already late because of Mia.

[A person walks up to Angell]

Conner: Angell, come with me.

[Player follows Conner into a small room]

Angell: What is this favour I am going to do?

Conner: ...Just stand in the middle of the room. Im going to change your icon to something a bit less obvious. Don't worry, it will only last around half and hour.

[Room flashes white and Angell is turned into a new icon the looks more military]

Conner: And here, take this. Don't tell anyone though. It's a device that will take you to a safe zone if things... erm.. get crazy.

[Player is given an item called a 'Gate architect'. ]

Conner: We better get going, Zanes waiting.

[Everyone meets up (including Mia) and they move into a room that sends them to the location below (the same room Mia and Angell arrived in)]