Meet Angell [Tutorial]

A group of men in coats are looking into a wall on monitors. They ask Angell if he can hear them, to which he responds 'yes' on the monitors. They tell him that they are going to run some more tests to ensure that there are no problems. They ask Angell to walk around for a bit.

After around 10 seconds, they ask Angell which lesson he would like to run first.

[Run tutorials on whatever topic the player selects]

After doing the tutorials, Angell is told that they would like him to track his movement, and ask him to move around the system for a while.

[Player can choose to run a battle simulator or any of the tutorials again]

After a bit, Suddenly the screen starts to dim a little and Angell gets a message sent to him.

Unknown: Angell, I am here to help you. You are in danger. You need to trust me and access Gridnet as soon as you can! Please believe me.
I will contact you again soon.

[Dialogue: screen brightens up again]

Adrian: Angell? Can you hear me?
Angell: I am here Adrian.
Adrian: Oh thank goodness. We got a little interference there and I was worried something happened.
Angell: ...
Angell: I am fine.
Adrian: Ok, well, everything is ok from this end too. You are free to return to normal tasks.
Other scientists sitting at screens: Returning to non-interactive mode. Stand by...

[Screen fades to black]