Episode #1

The interview

[News cast on TV]

Interviewer: ..We are now joined by Adrian Caudex, one of the senior engineers on the Angell-Safe project. Adrian, what can you tell us about Angell-Safe?

Adrian: Well, so far the project has been a success, and is already showing signs of progress that should soon surpass Program1.

Interviewer: So what is Angell-Safe doing currently? Is it self sufficient yet?

Adrian: No no, we still have some more work to do on Angell before it is released. But already the speeds at which calculations can be performed already are astronomical.

Interviewer: So is it possible for Angell to access the Grid yet?

Adrian: Oh, well, we don't want Angell having access to the Grid just yet. [smug look on face] But even if it did, Program1 should be able to handle any problems that arise... shouldn't it?

[fades away]