Episode #2

Angell awakes

Angell is lying on a beach somewhere. There are the kids from earlier surrounding him, poking him with sticks.

Kid1: Im telling you, hes a character on the server. Hes not real!
Kid2: LOOK! We were speaking to him just before we met up with you! Hes real ok!
Kid1: Well when was the last time you heard if anyone fainting in the Grid?
Kid2: ARGH! Just trust me ok!

[Angell starts to move]

Kid3: AHH!! Hes moving!

[Angell sits up and looks around]

Kid2: Ummm, are you ok?

Angell: I appear to be ok. Where am I?

Kid1: Wait? So are you a character on the server or not?

Angell: What? No. I don't think so.

[Angell gets up and looks around]

Kid1: Hey, if this is your first time on Gridnet, I would think of talking to Tess. She is one of the administrators for this area. She can tell you all about it. Shes up on the hill in the cafe.

Angell: Thank you.

[Angell makes way to Tess]

Upon talking to her she explains that her and another girl called Mia created this area for young people to hang out. Since many of the beaches in the world are now polluted due to the rising tides, most youths have no idea what a beach even is. She says that its been hard building it up since all they had to go on where pictures in books, but they are proud of it. She says that Mia is to arrive soon, and urges Angell to have a play around in the mean time and come back soon. Asks if he has heard of 'surfing'. Urges him to try it, but Angell says he dosnt think he can. [try to convey a sense of feeling like that of asking a guy with no legs to ride a bike]

[There could also be some things in the scenery that they got wrong which the player could find funny]

After the player walks around and explores the area for a while, Mia arrives at area.

[She is found by going back and talking to Tess].

After introducing themselves, she aswell urges Angell to try surfing. Angell says that he cant but Mia insists. Drags him to beach. Tess goes off to talk to the kids.

[Player is instructed on how to balance a surfboard on the sand as a first step which plays a like a mini game. Angell falls ass over, which Mia finds quite funny]

Just as they are all happy and laughy, P1 invades the area and announces that an area lockdown has been put in place as they are searching for the user 'Angell'.

Angell: Its P1. I must go.

[Angell starts to move towards the monitors.]

Mia: What? Are you crazy!? They’re looking for you!

Angell: I know. That’s why I must go and see P1.

[Mia stands in front of Angell]

Mia: Listen, obviously you've done some sort of hack to get P1 interested in you. I don't know what your story is, and at the moment I don't really care, but I can get you out of here as a favour.

Angell: ...But I was contacted by P1 to meet him.

Mia: That’s impossible. P1 only ever locks down an area for one reason: to arrest people. And, if we don't move now your going to be hauled off to containment!

Angell: ...but

Mia: Take my word for it! P1 is not here to talk to you. Hes probably sent monitors here already.

Angell: ...

Mia: Look, im telling the truth. Are you coming?

Angell: ...all right

Mia: Great. Now, I need to contact a group we can hide with, but the communicator is still in the cafe. Unfortunately I don't have anyway of seeing where the monitors are, so...

Angell: Monitors?

Mia: You dont know what monitors are, yet you appear to of hacked P1. Ok fine. Well, in a 3 second explanation, Monitors are like the eyes and hands of P1. They are everywhere. They kinda look like [whatever they look like], but they are invisible to everyone using the Grid.

Angell: I think I can see them

Mia: How the hell can you see the monitors? What the hell did you hack!

Angell: there are two over near the kids and Tess, 2 outside the café, and another near the water.

Mia: ummm, ok. Well ... I suppose we have to get rid of the monitors outside the cafe.

Mia; Here, take this. Its not much, but it will stun any monitors you hit with it. It doesn't last long, but it's the best we've got. I suppose Ill just shoot where you do...

[Player is given a weapon that player can use to fight monitors (This is the only hack so far that works against P1 that most hackers use. It only works for up to 1 minute since that's when P1 changes the encryption codes). It will stun them if a battle is won for around 20 seconds]

[Once in cafe, Mia gets on communication device]

Mia: Conner! Its Mia here. P1 is looking for me and I need to get back. When can you get a connection going?

Conner: Mia! What the hell is going on? Ummm... I can get you access but it might take a moment or two. Can you hold out?

Mia: Yeh, I think so. Just hurry up

Suddenly a monitor bursts in and corners Mia. Monitor starts saying 'You have been placed under arrest for aiding a hacker. Your ability to log out has been suspended. You will now be transferred to a holding area until you are tried in court.'

Angell comes out of hiding, throws the gun he was given aside and attacks the monitor.

[Player must battle monitor. They are now given access to Angells abilitys]

Upon winning battle, the monitor seems to have an odd reaction to being beaten, so much so that a surrounding area of 1 meter is corrupt, making walls bend and go black. A semi-transparent Angell suddenly runs forward and merges with the Monitor, who then disappears (when this happens, the only people on screen is Angell, the semi-transparent Angell, and the monitor...no scenery, people.). The monitor implodes, the screen flashes white and Angell is standing exactly where he was 5 seconds ago. Mia just stands there for a moment wondering what the hell just happened to the monitor, then tells Angell to taker her hand and they change areas.